Quilting Class Update

Quilting class homework has occupied most of my crafting time lately. Monday is our last class, so I thought I would show you my progress thus far.

Class 1:
Cutting Strips, Choosing Layout, Sewing Strips together
That pretty much says it all. We spent 2.5 hrs cutting and sewing - I chose the traditional rail fence pattern so the layout and sewing was pretty straight forward.

Class 2:
Cutting strips into blocks, Assembling blocks for quilt top

This is what I did Friday night and most of Saturday morning. It gets time consuming with all the pressing and pinning required to get near-perfect corners

Class 3:
Cutting Border, Sewing border to quilt top, Making Quilt Sandwich
The border cutting and sewing went pretty quickly. Sandwiching was much easier than with Shay's t-shirt quilt. Crafty Planet has a large table that is big enough to fit the quilt so there's no bending over and pinning on the floor.

Next week is our last class- cutting and attaching the binding. I'm attempting to actually quilt the top this week so it's finished for class Monday. I've spent 2 hours on it so far and am about 1/4 done I should get it done in time. More on quilting later.


Unknown said…
Great job!!! Looks like you are doing very good, the corners look great! I like the design and how the material works in. Keep it up, you need quilts in that Minnesota winter. Grams D