OMG OMG You Guys!

Here Shay and I are screaming for excitement as we prepared for Legally Blonde the Musical.
For those of you who don't know, "Omigod, Omigod, you Guys" is the first song of the musical.
A better "Sisters" pic - did you notice someone decided to go blonde??

(It's more blonde in person. After 3 bleach treatments and 4 hours at the salon, this was as blonde as they could get me for now - I never knew red was such a commitment!)

The opening curtain - we were hoping to get more pics but photography was prohibited and Shay was terrified of getting her camera confiscated!

The show was amazing - we had the best time. Since we both knew every song and lyric by heart, it was fun to see how music interacted with the acting and dancing. The dancing was phenomenal - especially the male dancers, they were such a treat!

The show is currently touring and will be hitting Chicago soon - if you're in the area, I'd highly recommend it as a girls night out. Now for your viewing enjoyment:


Anonymous said…
After watching several musicals with you and Shay over the years, I can totally see how you would have loved this show. The clip was great!

Lauren said…
EEEEEEEEE! I am sooo jealous. i think we will be flying down to Orange County in Sept to see it!!!!!!

ooh! The blonde is very cool...we do have more fun, y'know.
Michelle said…
I would LOVE to see the show! I actually followed a lot of the MTV show last year.