I've been crafting - a lot! But, I just haven't felt inspired to write or share about my projects. And, since we had to delete some photos off the camera (long story) I'm still trying to recover pics of projects I have given away (Adrienne I'm talking to you - I'll be scheduling a photo shoot soon!). Here is a picture of my finished birthday quilt:
This was my first finished machine quilted project and I absolutely love it. What a great b-day present from Will and it has totally gotten me hooked on quilting (I've since finished 2 quilts and I'm halfway through a third quilt but that's another post!). Here is an upclose picture of the "stippling" I quilted and the resulting texture after washing and drying the finished quilt:
Here's a close-up of the back and binding of the quilt - I love the mermaids!
After all this quilting fun I'm hooked and therefore declaring this:
"The Summer of Quilting"
(stay tuned...)


Anonymous said…
You did a great job!!! I am impressed with your stippling and binding. Keep it up. Grams D
Lia said…
o i love the fabric combination :)