Practical Sewing - Part I

I often find that most of my time is spent on frivolous projects - aprons, pot holders, vinyl tablecloths (more on that later!) but lately I've had quite a few very practical projects that have piled up.

During Christmas vacation Will tore out the elbows of 3(!) shirts. They've been sitting in a bag in our bedroom for the past 7 months, just waiting for me to figure out what to do. I thought about using them for quilting fabric, but yesterday the obvious hit me - SHORT SLEEVES!

These took maybe an hour to complete and Will is quite satisfied. He opted for longer short sleeves - no gun show here - and the result is 3 more shirts in his regular rotation. Repurposing never felt so good.

Up next: Part II - Jeans Repair.

***You may ask why I wouldn't just throw the shirts out, but Will stains/tears/ruins clothing at an alarming rate - I'm always looking for a "play clothes" equivalent for this grown man.***