Baby Gifts

A friend of ours emailed me month or two ago asking if I would make gifts for some up coming baby showers. I was immediately excited and honored but worried if my skills were good enough to actually charge people for. That started a chain of conversations (one of which involves me opening an online Etsy Shop - any comments, would that be a good thing???) but it ultimately ended in these items:
Patchwork Monogram Onsie

Ruffled Butt!

Crocheted Mary Janes
Burp Cloth Trio (Patchwork and Ruffles)
Boy Monogram
Newborn HatCoordinating Burp Cloth TrioSince I was treating this as an official "order" I tried to wrap them up and package them as professionally as I could (care instructions are written on the other side of the card):

These were really fun to put together and I'm working on more Burp Clothes and Mary Janes for someone else. We'll see what happens with my shop dream - I did order custom labels which is the first step . . .


triplegen said…
You are going to have more sales than you know what to do with...especially with those cute mary jane booties!
Leighann said…
Go for it! I think you should definitely post the pajamas you made Porter. They are so cute, who wouldn't want to buy a pair? Instead of taking a sabbatical to raise chickens you could take one to make all the cute products for sale. :O)
Lauren said…
Yes please do open a store! I will definitely buy things!!!
What a great post and blog! I’ve enjoyed my time here!!!! Really this is great gift collection for the babies