A Birthday Dress (for someone else!)

Sorry - It's been awhile since I posted. Several craft projects, a new furnace, and an anniversary got in the way. Here is a project from early May that I never shared, it's a dress I made for my very good friend Adrienne.

Dress Front
Dress Back (with darts added)

Neckline/Armhole Close-Up

Fabric: Anna Maria Horner's Drawing Room (Sketchbook my favorite print ever - I own yardage in several colorways!)

Pattern: Socialite Dress from Anna Maria Horner

Modifications: I widened the hip and added darts to the back to provide a more customized and tailored fit while keeping with the shift dress shape. I also lined the dress which I would highly recommend - that way it really is that super easy summer dress that you just pull over your head and go. I made an extra long skinny belt as well which Adrienne wears high on the waist.

Thoughts: I love this dress - it has hidden pockets, and I think every dress should have pockets. The neckline is really nice, the V-neck really draws attention to the face. It is super flattering for those with cute, slim figures. I'm not sure how it would look on a more hour glass type shape - but I think if you made it with a knit jersey, it might just drape a little better and flatter that shape. We'll see - I'd really like to make one for myself although Will is skeptical about whether or not it would be flattering. The lack of closures (zippers or buttons) makes this pretty basic for the beginner. The hardest part of is the neck gathers and placket sewing - again pretty straight forward, even a beginner should be able to tackle it with a little patience.


Leighann said…
The back of the dress is just as pretty as the front. And, I saw the adorable Mary Janes - too cute. Love the way you packaged the baby gifts too. :O)
Lauren said…
Love it! We need to see Adrienne in it!

Adrienne said…
I love my dress. And I definitely think you need to open an etsy shop. Like yesterday.