A Blast from my Past

The last time I visited my parents, I was on a mission to find 3 things: "baby", all of my Anne of Green Gable books, and my collection of Presidential Paper Dolls (don't ask). Luckily I was able to find all of the above (and more!) to bring home. Today however, we focus on "Baby" - my very creatively named baby doll.

My mom gave me this doll when she had to leave to take her CPA exam when we lived in Texas. I think it was the first time she had left me overnight and once I laid eyes on Baby she never left my side. When I was about 6 or 7 I decided Baby needed some new clothes - luckily I was spending Spring Break with my grandma who offered to help me make some.

My grandmother drew a pattern onto newspaper (still amazes me today) and we went to the local Wal-Mart to buy fabric. Here is our finished product:

Front of Skirt/Tunic - note the bow detail at the neck!

Sleeve Detail
I remember my Grandmother recommending lace because it would be the easiest sleeve to insert (it's obvious that we lived in WI at the time, why else would my baby doll have a Green Bay Packer Friendship bracelet???)
Neck Detail
We used a snap closure and added binding to the neck. I have no recollection of the neck binding and I'm shocked we went to such detail for a baby doll dress!

One thing that surprised me today is that my tastes haven't changed dramatically (I still love purple and polka dots!) . Upon further inspection, I am also pretty impressed with the quality of the product - I'm sure my grandmother did a lot of the sewing, but I distinctly remember using the peddle on her mint green singer and pushing the fabric carefully under the needle. This was my first "designed" project and I loved it. The freedom to chose my materials and create something new was really exciting. I received a sewing machine for Christmas the next year and made several other projects (clothes & blankets mostly). They weren't nearly as successful - and I can't find them anywhere - but I was hooked on sewing. (One day I'll post about my 8th Grade Halloween Costume, the yellow satin "Belle" ballgown from Beauty and the Beast)

Over the years I have picked up other crafty hobbies, but I really love to come back to the sewing machine. Both of my grandmothers (and my mom) can really sew - and I am always reminded of them when I sit down at my machine. I'm lucky to have had such good teachers.


Unknown said…
All of the females in the family have a "sewing gene" that apparently was not passed down to me. Just ask mom about the pillow case of 2008!!

That's awesome that you made that dress with grandma! I'm impressed!