For the Love of Beer

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Life got busy, we went on vacation, and I discovered Facebook (hours have been lost to Facebook, I can't believe it took me so long to join). Never the less, the crafts have continued (pics coming soon) as well as some kitchen updates. With all the projects on our list, Will and I decided we needed to add one more - the start of his semi-automated small scale brewery (it will make ~5 gallon batches).
The first step of this project was to build the stand on which the brew kettles will sit. We really wanted to make this ourselves, but we didn't quite know how, then it hit me - call Fred. Fred is a great engineer I use to work with and he has extensive knowledge of metal working and welding. We were lucky enough to spend a couple hours with Fred last weekend learning how to weld and consulting on the construction of our stand. Here are a few pics (taken from my camera - so the quality is a little questionable):

Will working on a weld

One side of the frame is tacked together

Checking to see if it's square (we still have some issues with this!)

The Master and the Apprentice

Will and I were able to borrow the welder and grinder to do some "homework" on our own. Once we got back to our house I was able to practice a little and LOVE welding (it's just like piping icing onto a cake or cookie). In fact, we were both so excited about our new welding skills we were brainstorming all sorts of things to built - Will suggested furniture, but I have a feeling you might see us on the Art Fair circuit next summer selling odd metal yard sculptures . . .

More beer updates (as well as crafts) coming soon!