New Year's Resolutions

I did pretty good with my 2009 Crafting Resolutions, learning to crochet and quilt were definite highlights of last year.  So, now it's time to unveil my 2010 Resolutions (crafting and otherwise . . .)
  1. Learn how to make clothing patterns and fit them to my body with the help of this book and some new supplies (coming soon!)
  2. Blog twice a week
  3. Wear lipstick/gloss everyday - it's amazing how something so small can totally change your attitude and mood!
  4. Finally knit a sweater for ME!
  5. Enjoy the small stuff
  6. Read the Book Club book - just don't go for the gossip and wine
  7. Join a sewing community (not sure how I'm going to do this one, I'm looking for a local club that has similar interests/age as me, but I may just join an online sew-along)
  8. Try out pebble quilting (isn't this gorgeous?  you should check out her blog)
On top of these resolutions, Will and I have recently started a theme for each year:
  • 2007- Year of Responsibility (Will finishes a PhD,  finds a job, and we buy a new house, incidentally I had been living the Year of Responsibility since 2002)
  • 2008 - Year of Fiscal Responsibility (now that we're DINKs - we need a plan!)
  • 2009 - Year of Being a Better Person (ask Will how this one went)
  • 2010 - Year of Organization 
What are your resolutions this year??


Karen said…
I love that you have a theme for each year. For me, 2010 is the year of Generosity of Spirit.