Will's Europe Hat (a little late)

Will's Europe Hat

It's a good thing we live in MN (and we NEED hats) because I finished this one a little past it's deadline.  This was definitely a keep-me-on-my-toes knit, but still fun.  The texture is so unique, it's a great men's hat pattern (and trust me, there aren't that many great ones out there!).
Europe Hat Back

Pattern:  Koolhaas by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed
Yarn:  Lana Grossa Bingo Color 206
Modifications:  None - but  I did depend on the comments and tips on Ravelry concerning this project.  The pattern was pretty sparce so it helped that some people wrote out the cable chart.  I have knit 2 of Jared's hats this past year (Turn a Square was the other one) and I'm happy to say I will be attempting a third soon (Will likes hats as much as I do!)


Joan said…
That hat looks super complicated. You did a super job on it and Will makes a good-looking model...he takes after his mother! :)