Crocheted Bowl

Here it is - all finished!!!
Empty Crocheted Bowl
I love the way it turned it - the pictures don't do it justice (and it's not yellow at all - that's just bad lighting) it's a lovely bright white that looks so sharp in our bedroom. 

I almost ruined this bowl.  I got impatient and thought it was dry enough to remove from the metal bowl after 2 days - not good.  Will was the voice of reason and reminded me that I said 4-5 days on the blog - so I put it in a different room and forgot about for a few days.  Once the bowl was completely dry it just "popped" off the bowl - no residue or sticking!
Filled bowl
I made this bowl as part of the "Year of Organization" - Will needed something to put his "pocket stuff" in every night before bed.  You know - that stuff guys take out of their pockets, leave hanging around, and them sometimes remember to grab in the morning??  Now that crap has a place!

There will definitely be more bowls in my future.  I'm curious to see how this starch solution will work with colored thread (say pink??).  I'm not sure if it'll dry clear or leave a snowy white residue.  I guess we'll find out . . .
Manly Bowl!
(a very pretty bowl for some very manly things!)

I did find a couple of minor errors in the book pattern.  I emailed the author and she was kind enough to look at them and send me the corrections.  I'm going to update my Ravelry project details in case any of you are interested.


Joan said…
That turned out to be just gorgeous...truly a masterpiece! I don't know how you can let Will put his yucky stuff in it. He needs a bowl made out of carved wood rather than something so delicate. Also the starch recipe will be clear. It was what was used before starch came in the cans!
Tim said…
I love all of the "manly" things Will has in the only question is why is there an angle iron cover in there?
Unknown said…
What a lacy, lovely bowl, you did a great job on it. Grams D