A Lesson in Gauge

Too Small Baby Hat
Yes - that is an apple wearing a knit baby hat

Normally I'm pretty good when it comes to doing a gauge swatch - it's just not worth guessing and risking something not fitting.  Baby hats are another story.  Why do a gauge swatch when I have no idea how big a 3 vs. 6 vs. 12 month head is, and from looking at my friend's babies - it varies widely!

Upclose Comparison
I started in on this hat using similar yarn and needles called for in the pattern.  Not exact, but close enough I thought - I was wrong!  As you can see this is a tiny hat, big enough for a baby doll or a newborn.  I ended up remaking it after rewriting the pattern for my correct gauge (3 sts/in).  Although I was only off by 0.5 stitch per inch - it made a huge difference in the finished product (sorry I didn't get to take a picture of the good hat!).


Hi Brandy,

That is too funny! I once made a hat and was so far off in gauge that it looked like I was knitting for a pumpkin. I am bad about checking gauge - you'd think I'd learn. I am just finishing up another earflap hat for Will. Modified one from Itty Bitty Hats for my 18 year old.

Hope you are well. I'll be in touch when travel brings to me MN next. Still want to visit your LYS with you.