30 Things

Here are 30 things you may (or may not) know about me:
  1. I learned to knit in college
  2. My favorite food is Risotto
  3. Martha Stewart is my hero
  4. I rarely get to work before 8am
  5. I love Tori Spelling
  6. I drink over 40oz of caffeinated beverages a day
  7. I'm allergic to almost all animals, mold, trees, and grass
  8. I hate wearing pants, I would wear a skirt or dress everyday if I could
  9. I actually like to 'rough it' and backpack camp
  10. I own 38 different colors of eye shadow
  11. I have big feet (size 10+ depending on the brand)
  12. I believe Peeps are a gift from God
  13. I wear sunscreen everyday
  14. I drink bourbon and boxed wine
  15. I love 1950's fashion, hair, and make-up
  16. Corn Pops is my favorite cereal (and I like to eat it for dinner)
  17. I wear aprons around the house
  18. I like to dye my hair (in 2009:  red, blonde, and dark auburn)
  19. My favorite colors are Pink & Purple
  20. I like to eat birthday cake for breakfast
  21. I love bracelets but rarely wear necklaces
  22. I'm addicted to reality TV shows (especially those on Bravo)
  23. Glee (and Legally Blonde the Musical) make me happy
  24. I try to make as much food as I can from scratch
  25. I wear a lot of black
  26. I (try to) work out 5 times a week
  27. I have a lot of Coach purses
  28. My favorite movie is Sleeping Beauty
  29. I prefer Cream of Wheat over oatmeal
  30. Today is my 30th Birthday!


Leighann said…
Just a couple I didn't know. :O) I would have guessed Pride and Prejudice was your favorite movie. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!
Karen said…
Happy Birthday!!!!! Loved your list.
Becky Bills said…
How fun! I would not have guessed Corn Pops. I'm wondering if...
1. Were you able to indulge in your b-day cake for breakfast?
2. Did you see Tori Spelling on the Today show on Monday? Good stuff!
3. Do you have a new (hair)color for 2010?

Rebecca said…
Do you like to rough it and camp in skirts and dresses? :)