Signs of Crafting

Progress on the Baby Quilt Blocks
Baby Quilt In Progress
Socks on 2 Circulars
2 Socks on 2 Circs
Olive Juice & Co. Apron in waiting . . .
Olive Juice & Co. Apron
Tiny Crocheted Hearts
Crocheted Hearts
Thank You cards in process
Cards in Process

There's a lot of crafting - but with my work and travel schedule I can't seem to complete anything! 

And Thank you for all the birthday wishes!  Becky the answers to your questions are:
1.  Yes - ate it for Breakfast on my bday!
2.  I missed Tori live but caught her Today show interview online
3.  Still rockin' a dark hue for the hair, not sure what to do next . . .

And Rebecca, I would love to wear a skirt while roughing it - but see #7 (allergies) if I don't have long pants and shirts I break out in hives (and swell with any mosquito bites!).


Joan said…
What are you going to do with the crocheted hearts? Did you just make those up or are you following a pattern? Inquiring minds want to know!!!
Rebecca said…
My To do list/partially started project list is looking a lot like yours these days! I am just sitting down to organize my thoughts and plans tonight so that I can get some completions this weekend!

And I agree- crochet hearts= so cute!!