Well some said it would never be done . . . that's right I'm talking about the kitchen remodel!  Well, we are committed to getting it done by August (the official 2 year mark) and have started working on the finishing touches - here's proof (click here for a refresher on remodel progress):
18 months later - Trim!

Finally Done!
Please admire these mitered corners, Will worked very hard on them thanks to an old-school miter box from Grandpa D (thanks again!)  These windows also required an insane number of custom cuts which caused us to get quite creative.
Crazy Custom Cuts

Square Corners
We've started on the door trim and hope to have baseboards in soon.  Tile is the last major decision left, and hopefully I'll nail that down when my mom is here.

In other news, we joined a CSA this year (food post coming soon), I just finished sewing a new dress, and I got accepted into Doll Swap 9!!!!  (see the button on the right) 
Summer of '10 is going to be a good one!


Rebecca said…
I am in DQS9 too!!