Advent Calendars 2 & 3

I showed a sneak peak a couple posts ago, but I finished these advent calendars just in time for 4 little kids to get a special surprise tomorrow morning.

Calendar #2
Quilted Advent Calendar #2

Fabric: Hip Holidays by Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup for Henry Glass Fabrics
Pattern: from Oh Fransson for Sew Mama Sew Christmas in July 2009
Modification: Used steam-a-seam 2 to apply numbers and did NOT zig-zap around edges

Advent Calendar #2 Quilted Back
I ran out of fabric and had to get creative 
Another shot of the stippling texture (I love it!)
Trying to be professional . . .
Trying to be professional . . .

Calendar #3
Quilted Advent Calendar #3
Can you tell the difference?
(it's the binding and backing!)

Hope you all have something special to look forward to tomorrow!


twinsetellen said…
Fabulous! Except that you remind me that I didn't send advent calendars to my little girls this year. Maybe now that they are 27 and 25 they can get their own?
Loved your calendars and especially liked your label. Grams