"Creative Activities" Weekend

I woke up Saturday morning and informed Will that it would be a weekend full of "Creative Activities" - we would ignore the laundry, cleaning, outside work, and home improvement for the weekend to just focus on our "Creative Activities" (named after my favorite building at the MN State Fair - I could spend hours in the Creative Activities barn). What do I have to show for it?

Advent Calendar Take 3

TWO 2010 Advent Calendars for friends (only 1 pictured)
Similar to last year's - but with different fabric.  They're both sandwiched and ready to be quilted this week!
(Michelle and Leighann - these are for you!)
(Does it kind of freak anyone else out how OCD I am? - look at those safety pins)

Baking, Baking, and More Baking
What a mess!
Colorful Cupcake Pop

I'm "practice" baking for a baby shower I'm hosting in a few weeks.  This was my first attempt at Cake Pops & Bites (full post coming after the shower, I learned A LOT of tips/tricks) - check out more at Bakerella.

Baby Shower Cupcake

Pinwheel Cupcakes
 (inspired from Foodspiration)

What did you do this weekend?


MegN said…
Love your advent calendars! That is a must try on my list of crafty to do's! Great blog!
Brandy said…
Thanks for stopping by Megan!
Lauren said…
Thanks for the link...I haven't made cake pops yet but I've been intrigued by bakerella and others. Here's my question... How do they taste??
Michelle said…
Awww - I love, love, love it!! Can't wait to see the finished product. Thank you so very much for spending your precious weekend time working on something for me!

The kids are going to love it!
Rebecca said…
Oh- I love this year's Advent calendar! I realized the other day that I need to start figuring out how I am going to fill mine!
Leighann said…
I need to check your blog more often! So many wonderful ideas! LOVE the Advent Calendar! Porter thought he was getting to get a surprise today...it can be so hard for a 3 year old to wait! :) Thanks again!

Also, someone at work just wowed Mike w/ cake pops. Now I can try to make them too! :)