Presents for Luke

Good friends of ours had a baby last August.  He's made an appearance on my blog before - modeling here.  I never got around to blogging about the baby shower gift I made so here it is:

(sorry for the grainy pics, taken on my phone while babysitting since I forgot to take one originally):
Luke Quilt

Pattern:  New Wave Quilt from Oh, Fransson!
Modifications:  Since I wanted a smaller quilt I only did 7 of the "waves" and shortened the length.   I also added the gray border so the wave sequence was centered.  I think it makes it look less busy and more focused - which I prefer over the original design for a quilt of this size.  It's hard to see in the picture, but I stipple quilted this with orange thread - it contrasts really well.

Valance (sorry for the grainy pics again):
Luke Valance

This valance was salvaged from the nursery bedding.  Since no one uses bumpers anymore, we decided to try and turn a part of the bumper into a valance.  It was really easy, I just cut it down and then hand-sewed the seams to close (there was a little more to it, but that's the overview).  Since the bumper already had crib ties you can simply use them to tie it to the curtain rod.

More recently I thought Luke needed something handmade for Christmas.  Although I was almost 2 months late in finishing and delivering the sweater - I don't think he minded (doesn't he make a great model?)
Happy Recipient

Sweater Close-up

Pattern: Baby Sophisticate (ravelry link)
Yarn:  Mission Falls 1824 Wood (as called for in the pattern)
Modifications:  I just shortened the length of the arms and the body a bit.  Otherwise this knit true to gauge and came together really quickly.  I love the rolled collar - he looks like a little professor!


judethejohnson said…
Judging from the "happy smile" on his adorable face, he loves his new sweater! You are so multi-talented, Brandy! Thanks for sharing all the details on your projects!
Unknown said…
That little sweater is just precious, I love the buttons. You did a good job on it. Grams D
ebmom said…
Love the sweater!! The buttons are almost as cute as Luke!
JennyW said…
great work as susual, brandy!! I actually made that same sweater for Jack before he was born - I LOVE the pattern
Luke's quilt is beautiful! I made that same sweater for a friend's baby. It is a quick knit!