New Crafting Space

Baby Update:  3rd Trimester has officially started and is offically kicking my butt!

As I emptied out the old "craft room" to make way for Baby E, I was determined to keep a "crafting space" for me.  The only other logical place was our guest room.  After a few trips to Ikea (to buy and return bookshelves), some major Craigslist finds, and a new bookshelf from Crate & Barrel my space is ready . . .

Guest Room Sewing Space

We took down the huge bookshelf we use to have on this wall and replaced it with a smaller sewing desk, bookshelf, and my apron collection.  I have a few more things I need to hang on the wall, but overall I love this space!  All of my fabric/yarn/tools are stored in containers under the guest room bed.  Everything has a place and it really feels way more organized than my old space. 
New Sewing Space - Upclose

Now off to get sewing before this rapidly expanding belly makes it harder to get my projects done!


Anonymous said…
I really like the bookshelf Brandy. Very nice use of your space. And boy doesn't that painted woodwork look really nice and professionally done.

Hi Brandy! I am so behind on reading blogs that I am just getting your big news! Congratulations! I am so happy for you and your husband. This little girl is very lucky to be born to such a loving and creative mama.

I hope all is well with you. I haven't been to MN in awhile - have gotten busy with Atlanta clients/projects. You look fantastic. I think it's safe to say that pregnancy agrees with you. Can't wait to hear your news later this summer. Take care! xo