Handmade Gifts

I was fortunate to have two beautiful baby showers thrown for me over the last month.  Our friends and family were so unbelievably generous with gifts - we are very lucky!  Since this blog is all about crafts, I thought I'd highlight some of the wonderful handmade gifts we received. 

I got this little Goodie Bag from my friend Becky and her mom Sue
Goodie Bag
What's in it you ask?
Quilt, Bib, and Changing Pad
Dick & Jane Quilt, Embroidered Bib, Changing Pad
Close-up of the Quilt (isn't it fun?  I love Sally!)
Quilt Close-Up

Next Up:
A Doll from "Great-Grandma" Celia
Doll from Great-Grandma Celia
She'll be well-loved!

Knitted hat from Michelle
Darling Hat from Michelle
I love this pattern from Itty Bitty Hats!
Top View
Hat top-view

Sensory Blanket from Jenny
Sensory Blanket from Jenny
It's so soft and I love all the ribbon/textures the baby can feel

Are we spoiled or what??
Thank you to everyone - these gifts will be treasured!!


twinsetellen said…
For those of us who actually learned to read with Dick and Jane, that quilt is extra wonderful!
Anonymous said…
Dear,your sewing projects are versatile, I love your blanket and the colorful ribbon idea around it.

send gift to pakistan from USA