How to save yourself $4.23 ...

This is another one of my Target purchases from a few weeks ago.  I LOVE this cup - it makes me feel like I'm having a Starbucks Grande Nonfat Iced Latte everyday.  Here's my recipe:

  • Get the Toddy Cold Press Coffee Maker and make the cold press coffee of your choice
  • Add cold press coffee up to the first line from the bottom of the cup
  • Fill with your favorite skim milk about 3/4 of the way full
  • Load up the car with your work bag/purse/coffee cup, get the baby, drop her off at daycare, drive to work (this takes 1+ hour)
  • When you get to work, fill your glass with ice, turn on your computer, go through email, and sip your iced coffee pretending you're at a coffee house . . .
It's that simple!  Again, with my allowance a couple trips to Starbucks a week can really hurt the wallet, but our cold press comes from our "grocery allowance" which means FREE ICED LATTES for me!


Joan said…
Don't you just love it when you can trick the budget!