Our Summer so far . . .

The early summer weather in Minnesota has really been a gift this year.  We've been able to get out and enjoy everything this great State offers!  Here's a peak at some of the fun we've had:

Pool Pass

The Pool opened last week and we've been 3 times.  The "break-even" for the ridiculously priced pass was 5 times, so I'm feeling pretty good about the ROI for the summer!

Park Time
Wednesday Night Bike Ride

P loves to swing and we're having fun exploring all the different parks in our neighborhood.

That's my new bike - a great bday present from P and Will (it goes really fast!).  I signed up for a Duathlon this fall so the training begins now my friends . . .

Family Fun Time

We're really trying to set aside one weekend day for some family fun.  This week we headed to the Children's Museum and P checked out the Curious George Exhibit.

How's your summer been so far?

(yes, I've gotten lazy and have blogged all week using Instagram photos)


Lindsay said…
Love that you are blogging more! Love all these photos especially the pool pick!