Recent Purchases

Things have been a little stressful at work and I needed some cheap retail therapy, here comes Target to the rescue!  
This week's buys:
Target buys w/o 6/11

The nail polish is fabulous - more pictures to come!  The mascara is a must-have for summer.  I typically don't wear waterproof mascara, but the pool and summer work-outs demand it!  As for the cream shadows, verdict is still out . . .  The Infalliable really lasts 24 hours (waterproof!) and has a great metallic sheen (high drama).  It looks a little olive once applied, but I wore it a couple times this week and it's growing on me.  

The Maybelline Color Tatoo is a little more disappointing.  I wanted something easy to apply to the eyelids for non-fussy, waterproof, summertime wear.  The colors are a little off once applied (the taupe looks blue on me!)  and it fades after just a few hours of wearing.  I gave the Bronze another try this weekend and it's fine - just a wash of color, nothing special.  If you were trying to chose between the two lines, I'd go L'oreal.