Packing Up is Hard to Do

*Anyone get the Neil Sedaka reference?

After the great purge it was time to pack-up for the move.  As part of our relocation package we were able to ship 2 air crates and a 40' sea container.  The air crates arrive 2-3 weeks post shipping and the sea crate is quoted at 5-7 weeks!  In preparing for the pack-up my strategy was as follows:
  • Step 1:  Pack all of our "must have" carry-on items into our current luggage, leaving 1 suitcase empty for surprise items and overflow (bets on how many suitcases we buy last minute the night before leaving?!?!?).  
  • Step 2:  Segregate all of the air crate items into 2 priority piles
    • Priority A:  pillows, bedding, VPN router, Apple TV, kids swimming stuff, essential cooking items, additional kids clothes
    • Priority B:  MORE TOYS, kids bikes, our clothes, plus any other random stuff there's room for
  • Step 3:  Identify all of the "long-term" storage items to get packed away for the next 3-5 years
  • Step 4:  Label EVERYTHING 
  • Step 5:  Call your mom, beg her to come help since Will conveniently has a work trip to Romania and Italy!
Here are a couple of the "before" pictures of our staging

Nothing but boxes!  
The kids freaked out when they saw this

Air Crate

Here's the half full sea crate, I guess that purging really worked!

After all the house packing it was time to focus on my office.  My last day in the Minneapolis office was today.  I was very sad to say good-bye to my hand-picked office art.  This Instagram pretty much sums it up: