What We've Been Up To

I'm still trying to figure out the rhythm of the blog ... we'll likely end up with weekly recaps and travel spotlights.  But for now I thought I'd show a little bit of everyday life since we moved almost 3 weeks ago.

P's first day of school happened to be "sport day".  Her last day in Minneapolis was "field day" so she was quite spoiled to end and start her experiences with such a bang!  Her international school had a bouncy house, bikes, games, trampoline, and face painting.  They also had a picnic lunch on the school grounds.  I joined P for the "sport" part of the day and snapped these pics - as you can see she had a lot of fun!

We spent our second weekend in Switzerland trying to finish our Biometrics registration for our Permit B card (we were unsuccessful), running to OBI (the Lowe's equivalent locally), and IKEA.  It was a killer day... but we happened upon the grand opening of a Migros and the kids got free face-painting (you're going to see a theme)

We also celebrated Father's Day 
(which Will declared will be observed on both the EU and US calendar)

Friday Nights now consist of pizza at Tofs and then playing at the "big park" that is a block from the pizzeria.  We have also reinstated weekend pancakes.
(combined with Friday pizza, all is now right with the world in our children's eyes)
Finally last weekend we headed back to P's school for the "International Day" festival.  Out of 196 countries in the world, 120 are represented at her school.  We took the public bus from our house to her school (the kids first time!) and then had a great afternoon meeting new friends and experiencing new food.
More face paint ....
 Russia table sampling food and vodka!
 Our first bus ride
 Just a fraction of the booths
 Bounce House!!!!!

You might wonder why there no pics of P at International Day!?!?!!?
As soon as we got there a bunch of girls yelled for her and she spent the afternoon running around with friends from her class.  It was the absolute best sign that she is adjusting well and loving her new school.  


Janet Bomar said…
So fun to keep up with you all on your European adventures! Also, MPS schools need to step it up - vodka at school function...right on! :)

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