Week 8 Recap

We're over the "just got here" hump.  Now when people ask how long we've been here I don't feel like we have any excuses for not having our act together - especially with our sea crate arriving 3 weeks ago!

That's right - WE HAVE OUR STUFF! 

We when first packed up I was like "we don't need all this stuff ... we are totally downsizing"

Then we moved and I was like "wow, I was such a consumerist, we don't need things"

2 weeks later as E cried herself asleep after not having her paw patrol stuffed animal "Some of our personal belongings would be nice ..."

Week of sea crate delivery "I NEED my Vitamix,  I NEED my Cuisinart, I NEED MY STUFF"

I'm happy to report all boxes are unpacked, the guest room is still a bit of a mess, but our main living areas and bedrooms are mostly organized and put together.  I love our open floor plan and was pleasantly surprised by how well our furniture fits.  We also bought and installed some new lighting.
The Dining Area off the House Entrance

The Living Room 
(ignore the laundry!)

"Art Room" just off the Kitchen

We were also super excited to get our outdoor furniture - bring on outdoor dinners all summer long!

The downside to having "stuff" is the need to organize it and start actually living in our home.  Last week Will looked at me and said "A year and a half from now we're going to stop and realize we spent every weekend at Jumbo (think Lowe's meet Menards) instead of out exploring".  As our weeks are getting busier with work and travel, it's easy to let "life" pile up on the weekends:  laundry, grocery shopping, Jumbo .... 

The last two weeks we have been able to get away for day trips.  Stay tuned for recaps to the Grottes de Vallorbe and Gruyere!