Swiss National Day 2017

August 1st is Swiss National Day, a day celebrating a historic alliance in 1291 between 3 cantons that would later become the country of Switzerland.  For a quick history lesson read all about it HERE.

Each Canton and city in Switzerland have their own celebrations and it is time spent with family and friends.  For the last 25 year, over 350 farms in Switzerland have opened their doors for a Brunch On the Farm.  Our planning was a little late, but we found a farm with availability in the Canton of Fribourg and headed out early in the morning.

 After you buy your tickets you stand in line for the food.  They were boiling a big pot of potatoes to make the most amazing hash!  They also had bircher muesli, fresh cheeses & bread, ham, and eggs.  There was a band playing traditional music and we sat in the barn next to the cows!

After brunch the kids enjoyed horse and wagon rides.

In the evening each town has a parade at dusk with children carrying lanterns then they light a big bonfire and fireworks.  Unfortunately this crew was too tired to stay up for it, but we will try again next year!  Earlier in the week we had neighbors over for dinner and I bought a little firework-like canister that you light and "surprises" pop out.  The kids loved wearing their Swiss gear.