First Week-ish of School!

 It's that time of year and we were so excited for the kids to all be at the same school.  P started a 1st grade equivalent in the primary school francophile program which means that 70% of her schooling will be in French.  The twins started a bi-lingual preschool program where they switch classrooms every other day between an english teacher and a french teacher.  I missed their first week due to work travel but Will was able to manage the crazy logistics while I was gone.  

Something that is different about Switzerland vs the US is the "induction" period that is required for younger kids.  At both our daycare and in the preschool there is a prescribed induction period.  Our school requires the kids only go 2 hours the first day, 4 hours the second day, then finally stay the whole day on Friday (we start on a Wednesday).  This is challenging with 2 working parents - especially when I was traveling for the week!  

We personally love that our school requires uniforms, but E is not quite convinced.  The child who changes clothes 5 times a day does not like her wardrobe dictated.  She often changes out of her uniform before we even start breakfast and she sprints upstairs to change as soon as she gets home. Our challenge as parents is remembering which days are regular uniforms days and which require the "sport kit" for gym (already got it wrong once which the 6 year old was all too eager to tell us...).

Last week Will played bus driver and shuttled kids all week due to the different schedules.  This week the kids started bussing.  I don't think there was a child more excited to take the bus than A!  He woke up very early Monday morning and quietly snuck into my bathroom while I was getting ready asking "I take the bus? I take the bus?"  The bus driver has to put the twins in booster seats and buckles - they are so little next to the other kids!

Although we have been searching for an after-school nanny, we have not been able to find anyone so the kids are doing after-school programing.  Paisley is trying out gymnastics and horseback riding - more to come!

Although the first week was exciting and full of energy, week 2 and the extended after-school schedule is starting to be felt.  The bus drop-off is late (5:50pm) and our bus driver has been 10-20 minutes later than that as he's trying to sort out the new route.  This is making for some HANGRY kids and the occasional tears.  Like all things, this is a transition.  We are trying to keep our patience and remember that they'll start sleeping again (little A is struggling some nights) and soon we will find a new routine.  I just hope it's sooner rather than later!