Hello 2018!

WOW!  Just logged on and realized I had not posted since the kids started school.  That's about right ... that's when things started to get really busy!  One of us traveled every week this fall and my Sunday night blog routine took a break.  I'll catch back up though, we took some great weekend trips that are worth sharing.

We were fortunate to return back to the US for the holidays.  We spent time with both families in Chicago and went to Minneapolis for 3 days.  Here are a few pics from our travels:

It's been 7 months since we've lived in the US, being back there are a few observations I'd like to share:
  • The roads are so WIDE!  Even though the cars are bigger the highways and city streets are double the size of Europe
  • In the same theme, the landscapes/buildings just felt so expansive.  It's hard to describe but everything just felt "bigger"
  • Will and I found ourselves automatically saying "Bonjour" and several other french pleasantries automatically.  It was an especially stark contrast when we were in Chicago.  The whole city just felt "gritty" and people barely acknowledged our presence whereas in Switzerland you look people in the eye and say hello to every stranger or friend you see.
  • Minneapolis felt "nice".  Seriously, people were kind and said hello.  One woman actually stopped me to tell me my hat was pretty.  Minneapolis feels like home for Will and I and it was nice to be back for a few days and remember why we loved living there.
  • I really miss Target ... there is nothing that is the same here!
  • Switzerland now feels like home for the kids.  About 10 days in E asked to go home ... all the kids were excited to return.
2017 was a pretty exciting year for us and I think 2018 is going to be even better!