Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We are trying to get the kids out to ski lessons on the weekend.  We had a great experience just before Christmas but haven't had the energy to go back until today.  Well, the weather did not cooperate!  We rushed out of the house to get up the mountain in time for a 9am lesson ....

We didn't make it out of the parking lot!

The wind combined with freezing rain was brutal, just walking through the parking lot to lessons we were all soaked and our faces stung with the pelting ice.  Many families pushed on, but we decided some hot cocoa in the car was a better idea.
We'll try again next week...

I also wanted to share one of my favorite grocery store finds.  Those of you who are Wisconsinites will surely appreciate these Johnsonville Brats!  I found these in Carrefour and although they don't quite taste like the brats from Sheboygan Brat Days, it's close enough and feels a bit like "home".  

Plus, you've got to love how the French romanticize food ...

La Saucisse Irresistible

(couldn't have said it better myself!)